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11-08-22 Bank of America Wikileaks files destroyed… // Bank of America archivos de Wikileaks destruidos …// 美国银行Wikileaks的文件被毁…

August 23, 2011


Obviously, Bank of America was more effective than the US government in protecting itself against Wikileaks…


The Raw Story

Some of WikiLeaks’ Bank of America files destroyed by former spokesman

By Reuters
Monday, August 22nd, 2011 — 7:44 pm

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some internal Bank of America files obtained by WikiLeaks have been destroyed, according to a former close collaborator of Julian Assange, the whistleblowing website’s founder.

In an email to Reuters, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who last year was fired by Assange as WikiLeaks’ co-spokesman, confirmed that he had destroyed “roundabout” 3,000 submissions WikiLeaks received related to Bank of America.

Domscheit-Berg said that he had decided to destroy the material “in the interest of the security of sources.” In the past he had alleged that the source-protection system used by WikiLeaks under Assange’s stewardship was inadequate.




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