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11-06-28 Grandma Punished for Helping Florida Prisoners, Locked Up to 5 Years Without a Single Hearing // Abuela Castigado por ayudar a los presos de la Florida, encerró a 5 años sin una sola audiencia// 奶奶处罚帮助佛罗里达州的囚犯,锁定长达5年没有一个单一的听力

June 28, 2011

The story below pertains to the holding of prisoners in Florida with no due process of law. It reflects a much wider abuse of rights through the deprivation of liberty in the United States.

  • The United States hold 5% of the world’s population, but 25% of the world’s prisoners’ population. [i]
  • Prisons in the United States are often privatized, owned by for-profit corporations.
  • Judges in Pennsylvania were recently convicted for racketeering: Taking millions in bribes from prison owners, and falsely imprisoned thousands of juveniles (Kids for Cash scandal). [ii]
  • False imprisonment of an estimated 10,000-30,000 people, the Rampart FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons), almost exclusively black and Latinos, has been documented in Los Angeles County, California. They are victims of the largest court corruption in the US history (Rampart scandal 1998-2000). The US government refuses to take actions for their release. [iii]
  • ·        Over the past decade, the United States has established a new system of CMUs (Communication Management Units), where prisoners are prevented from communicating with the outside world. [iv]

Corruption of the courts has reached a level of a constitutional crisis, not seen since the Civil War. The People are deprived of life, liberty, and property, with no due process of law.  [v]

Joseph Zernik

Human Rights Alert (NGO)



[i] 10-06-10 With 5 Percent of the Worlds Population US Holds 25 Percent of Prisoners

[ii] 11-02-18 Pennsylvania Judge Guilty Of Racketeering In Kickback Case (Kids for Cash Scandal)

[iii] 09-12-17-Rampart-FIPs (Falsely Imprisoned Persons) – Review

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[v] 11-06-14 Corruption of the Courts and Failing Banking Regulation in the United States: Dred Scott redux?


I have attached and appended below virtually the same motion that Florida grandmother

Nancy Grant encouraged DeSoto County Florida jail prisoners to use to pressure the court

to set them free.  For distributing the motion to prisoners who had sat locked up for

upwards fo 5 years without a single hearing, a couple of lawyers wrote a UPL

(unauthorized practice of law, Florida Statute 454.23) complaint against her.  Ultimately,

Chief Judge Richard Haworth of the 12th Circuit Kangaroo Courted Nancy into convictions

on 19 counts of UPL.  He graciously sentenced her to $30,500 fine and 15 years’

probation.  She couldn’t pay the fine, so the state took away her driver license.  She lost

her appeal.  She gets around on a bicycle these days, tends her herd of 50 cattle on her

small Arcadia ranch, and still smiles a lot.  God bless you, Nancy Grant for so selflessly

loving and serving others who suffer.

What should YOU do with this motion?

Well, if I had a friend or loved one who languished in jail without a hearing for longer than 3 months (misdemeanor) or 6 months ( felony), I’d print out the attached document and send it to that person.

If I received such a motion while in jail beyond those times without a hearing, I’d fill it in and ask my jailer to let me file it with the court.  Then I’d file it, with the County Clerk, sending copies to the judge, the prosecutor, and the local newspaper editor.  I might attach a note explaining the circumstances of my arrest and incarceration.

A person charged with a crime has the right to depose witnesses, review the documents related to the criminal charge for proper oath and affidavit of the accuser, and to obtain a speedy, fair trial.  What else does the incarcerated person have to do?


11-06-28 Grandma Punished for Helping Florida Prisoners, Locked Up to 5 Years Without a Single Hearing:

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