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11-06-24 All bets are off… // Todas las apuestas están apagadas …// 所有的赌注都关闭…

June 25, 2011


The Evil Empire is collapsing much faster than I have ever imagined… I always though that it will take decades, and I prepared for a much longer haul… Not that I think it will be next week, but the dynamics are entirely different than the powers that be expected, thanks to the internet, and many, many folks, who see the truth through the BS…

I have no clue how things will pen out… however, I can see the whole system in disarray in the near future, given the fraud in Obama’s birth certificate and the conduct of the US courts, US DOJ, FBI on the matter…

Don’t expect anything resembling a constitutional republic to be in operation…

The Time magazine cover is also an indication that what you and I and  many others have observed in recent years, is finally reaching a crisis mode.

All bets are off…



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