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11-06-24 Hurricane Katrina Trial Begins // El ensayo de comportamiento de la policía durante el huracán Katrina comienza // 卡特里娜飓风开庭

June 24, 2011

The US public is yet to be informed about the death of hundreds or thousands of prisoners during Hurricane Katrina, anybody held accountable, corrective measures implemented.
[1] 08-02-00 International Human Rights Law & Hurricane Katrina
[2] 06-08-10 ACLU Report Details Horrors Suffered by Orleans Parish Prisoners in Wake of Hurricane Katrina

Abandoned & Abused



Trial Begins: Did New Orleans Media Contribute to Police Violence After Hurricane Katrina?

Jordan Flaherty, Truthout: “Jury selection begins today in what observers have called the most important trial New Orleans has seen in a generation. It concerns a shocking case of police brutality that has already redefined this city’s relationship to its police department, and radically rewritten the official narrative of what happened in the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina. Five police officers are facing charges of shooting unarmed African-Americans in cold blood.”
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