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11-06-24 Judge Sleeping with Prosecutor during Murder Trial // El juez de dormir con el fiscal durante el juicio por asesinato // 法官与检察官睡在谋杀案的审判

June 23, 2011

Judge sleeping with the prosecutor during murder trial is becoming a new custom?

1) 2009 – Texas

New York Times

Questions of an Affair Tainting a Trial

From left, Texas Department of Criminal Justice; Milton Hinnant/Dallas Morning News

Charles Dean Hood, left, was convicted of murder in 1990 and sentenced to death by Judge Verla Sue Holland, who it turned out, had slept with the prosecutor, Thomas S. O’Connell Jr.

Charles Dean Hood was sentenced to death in 1990 by a Texas judge who had been sleeping with the prosecutor in his case. It took Mr. Hood almost 20 years to establish that fact.


1) 2011 – Florida


RRRRRRRiiiiippped from the pages of  scourging the scourge of the
Broward County, Florida Judiciary and State Attorney’s Office Assistant for the fluff of it
The depositions of (the HONORABLE) Ana I Gardiner, the whore judge of Broward and her paramonious prosecutor Scheinberg under prosecution by Florida JQC (judicial qualifications commission) lying about their sordid affair and exparte dinner conversations in front of 2 other judges and 2 other ASSAs during the course of the murder trial she presided over that resulted in her being allowed to resign instead of being impeached as brikered by he next in line paramonious defense attorney.  180 pages of outright lies to the JQC.
But they will NOT allow her penchance for fraud and deceit on the bench to form the basis to re-open any other cases alleging the same fraud, deceit, conflicts of interest, bias, prejudice and phoney false rulings in favor of the state attorney.
     Loureiro Depositions (West Palm Beach)
(180 pages of Lucianna Caligari, Gardiner & Scheinberg)



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