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11-06-01 Abolish the Death Penalty in California! // Abolición de la Pena de Muerte en California! // 在加利福尼亚州废除死刑!

June 1, 2011

Bill Ong Hing


California’s Unusually Cruel Punishment

Professor Bill Ong Hing, who served on the California Commission for the Fair Administration of Justice(CCFAJ), argued recently that California’s death penalty should be abolished because of its intractable problems:

The death penalty is too costly, the possibility is high that a person who has been wrongfully convicted will be put to death, capital punishment inordinately affects communities of color, the imposition of the death penalty varies greatly from county to county within the same state, a low income defendant faces a troubling disadvantage when charged with a capital offense, the death penalty forecloses any possibility of healing and redemption, and the death qualification juror requirement inherently and unjustly biases the process against the defendant.



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