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11-05-17 Yale Law Journal: Corruption of the US Courts // Yale Law Journal: La corrupción de los tribunales de los EE.UU. // 耶鲁法律杂志:美国法院腐败

May 18, 2011

S t r a t o s   p a h i s
Corruption in Our Courts: What It Looks Like and Where It Is Hidden 

a b s t r a c t .  Recent surveys and events indicate that judicial corruption could be a significant problem in the United States. This Note builds an economic model of bribery to better understand the incentives behind this pernicious phenomenon. It then compiles a data set of discovered incidents of judicial bribery in the United States to test the effectiveness of our antijudicial-corruption institutions. This analysis suggests that our institutions are particularly ineffective at preventing and uncovering judicial bribery in civil disputes and traffic hearings.

a u t h o r .  Yale Law School, J.D. 2009; Universidad Complutense de Madrid, M.A. 2005; Dartmouth College, B.A. 2004. I am grateful to Professor Susan Rose-Ackerman for inspiring my interest in this topic and for her invaluable support and feedback over many drafts of this Note. I am also indebted to the members of The Yale Law Journal Notes Committee—in particular to Victoria Weatherford for her patience, meticulous editing, and insightful comments. Thanks also to Sam Ferguson for his helpful feedback. All errors that remain are of course mine alone.



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