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>Call for help from attorneys and others in LA, who hold relevant evidence or could provide helpful suggestions

February 22, 2009

>Particularly seeking evidence from practicing attorneys – both civil real estate and criminal defense

Various reports, as well as my personal experiences show that attorneys could be the most valuable source of evidence.  That realization is accompanied by the realization that attorneys as individuals, and also through the Califrnia State Bar Association, appear to have done nothing of singificance that we know of, to prevent the deterioration of the justice system that brought us to where we are today.
If anything – the opposite is true.  First – my experience shows a few very large law firm that were deeply involved in the alleged racketeering:  Sheppard Mullin, Bryan Cave, LLP, and Buchalter Nemer.  
Beyond that – the California State Bar Association is alleged to have contributed in a material way to the evolution of this condition.  Such contribution is allged not only through failure to act and initiate corrective actions by other agencies.  The case of the attorney who was first to file complaints that the judges of LA Superior Court were taking over $45,ooo per judge per year from LA County, which was “not permissible” by law, shows the Bar Association engaging in a corruption of justice scandal that was all its own… He was tried in the Administrative Court of the Bar, and found as having engaged in “Moral Turpitude“, but whereas normally Moral Turpitude refers to violation of provision that deal with interactions with otehrs with sexual implications, here the conduct was- filing complaint against LA Superior Court on taking payement tht were and are “not permissible” .
The case also shows the perenial problem, whichin LA Superior Court, I claim reflects some of the Unpublish Rules of Court of LA County, that are alleged to contradict the Law. I apply such rules here to the Bar Association Admniistrative Court: Even after it becomes evident that a judgment is void, in a high profile case that was published and aired a number fo times, the Bar Association seems not to even entertain the onsideration of acknoledging the voidness of that judgment on its own.  On the contrary, the vitims of that court, would have to fight to establish facts and rulings that were already ruled and epressed bfore.such void judgment.
Given that so far the general attorney population – those who daily see the preversion of justicce – from failur to notice and serve, to illegitimate real property transactions,  provided very little help in efforts to restore justice to the justice system in LA.  Excepted are of course all those who seat on eh numerous committees, which provided positive call for change, and Att. Connie Rice, leader of the Los Angele Advancement Project and Prof. Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of University of California Irvine Law School are the most notable examples. of such positive contributions.
The problem is of course with Retaliation/Intimidation/Harassment of any attorneys who would take a stand.
I would be grateful for any suggestions for ways to go about it now, under conditions where the public prosecutor is not involved [yet].

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