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August 25, 2008


Obviously any of the opinions in this letter are of the writer alone. This blogger may hold opinions that are similar or different, but he writes them himself. Here a response was allowed to be voiced that in fact does not spare the blogger as well.

August 23, 2008

Dear Mr Justice Pioneer,

Thank you for your anonymous letter (see copy in the right side column of the blog), received today by mail. Obviously, you care. You bothered to search and find my mailing address, not that it is difficult to find… and you bothered to write me a 3-page letter in 10-p, single-space, narrow margins… with a footnote!

I wish we received some more letters like yours. Both Erwin Chemerinsky, in his independent committee Rampart report, and more recently Judge Letts, overseer of the LAPD Consent Decree, talk about the “Culture of Silence” in law enforecment and the justice system in LA. Both hold this culture to be a signficant problem in and of itself. You explain that you fully agree with my observations, and you give me third-hand hearsay for evidence. With that you rush to enter the judgment on Judge Connor: “she belongs in prison and not on the bench”.

But to balance that out, you open with questioning whether I am zany or driven over the brink… and then you go on to diagnose – the problem: I could have saved myself all this trouble, had I only listened to my good attorneys…

I know for a fact that Jacqueline Connor says exactly the same thing about me for over a year now …

Well, it is obvious you are not her. Therefore, the only remaining alternative is that you must be a male, middle-aged or older, modern-orthodox, jewish, criminal defense attorney, with good number of years of experience in the halls of justice in LA. What you described I mostly knew already. In one of the background articles I read something like – she would not hesitate to issue the death sentence either…

It made me cringe..

Well, well, well – where should I start?

A. You sign as Justice Pioneer, but sent me an anonymous letter explaining how scared you are of retaliation… But we both agree that the situation has deteriorated into wide-spread public corruption.

Your concern is of course very real. I see it daily…But to answer your question from the opening lines – no I am not zany, and no, I am not driven over the edge. I am just not afraid anymore. At some point, I am not sure exactly when, I realized that it was my karma (Tikkun, whatever)…

The same fraud, in variations, was played many times in the last quarter century or so in the LA County courtrooms. I am happy to spend a few years of my life dealing with this issue on a daily basis. And I put into it many hours that could have been much more profitably or more pleasantly otherwise spent.

But I know that it is a worthy cause, and that it will make a difference in the life of many people for many years to come, albeit, they wouldn’t even know it. If you will, I am doing it also on behalf of the Jewish attorneys and judges that were involved in it in recent years. Asking forgiveness from the Los Angeles community at large.

I am confident that we will manage to achieve some level of success in this endeavor, if only we keep my efforts steady. It even says so in the Book of Daniel – (see above)!

I am fully committed to the issue, until the day that I know that we made a small, yet tangible and significant, positive change in the law-enforcement and justice system of LA County. And I know exactly what is that small tangible change that should be our goal:

Open LA County Book of Judgments to the public at large – It is our (9.5 millions that the court claims to serve) guaranteed First Amendment Right!

One which has been abused for an estimated 25 years, by none other than the court! This is the most populous county in the U.S. and the largest superior court. Who more than the court should be the model for compliance with the U.S. Bill of Rights… here in Los Angeles, as a beacon for all those south and east of us…

Nothing represents more clearly than the First Amendment the ideas of the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution.

These ideas were the foundation for U.S. involvement in Europe in WWII. Some try to scare me – telling me that if I keep doing what I am doing I will end up as a civil rights martyr…I don’t think so. There was one explicit death threat, from a source related to Countrywide, but that was way back. I try to keep some level of alert, and make sure that I do not hold unique information that was not distributed for too long. Some say it is foolish, that I am wasting my ammunition. I see it as my life insurance policy. My previous target for opening the Book of Judgments was 10 days from the 4th of July, 2008. That was the reason for the Urgent Request for Congressional Assistance that you asked about (see below under July 7, 2008).

Congratulation, Mr Justice Pioneer! Please consider yourself a winner, and a fully vested partner! Your letter with the Hebrew date on top, immediately reminded me what the next target date should be. Let’s try to get the Book of Judgments opened by the time of Closing of the Gates: Neilah – Thursday, October 9, 2008

So here it goes: We challenge the Jewish community to take a leadership position, on behalf of all that live in Los Angeles, and consider it our responsibility to bring the LA Superior Court back into compliance with the U.S. Constitution by Opening the Books by the time of Closing of the Gates, October 9, 2008.

There are some very good reasons why the Jewish community should consider it its choice to be sensitive to degradation of the justice system in society they live in.

The first step, is compliance with the First Amendment… the right of the people to inspect and to copy the books of courts. And foremost among them- the Book of Judgments. The relevant authority is the First Amendment, and Nixon v Warner Communications (in re: the tapes). But that law is older than the U.S. Constitution, since, already in common law they figured out that transparency is the most cost-effective measure in the safeguard of the integrity of the courts and prevention of corruption. And exactly for the same reason, it is inexplicable why the LA Superior Court is holding its Books of Court off limit to the public for some 25 years by estimate.

I hold that corruption of the courts in LA is directly related as an outcome, in part, to the hiding of the books of courts. And I also have the evidence for that. This is not merely a correlation. Mr Justice Pioneer, you described the current situation as:

widespread corruption in the court system”.

The last I spoke on the subject with Mr Steven Goldman, Chief of the White Collar Crime Squad, and described to him my findings, he responded almost with the same words:

“If what you are saying is true, it is wide-spread public corruption, and it is well above my head.”

Therefore, ever-since, he never took any action that I know of in this regard. Surely he showed no interest in obtaining my evidence.

And therefore, opening of the books will not only serve to demonstrate that the people are determined to uphold their rights, where they were betrayed by the judiciary and law enforcement. The opening of the Books of Court, in and of itself is a remediation measure.

B. TIKKUN LA, 2008: What can we do to get the Books of Judgments open by October 9.

We call upon all people of good will to make an effort to generate as many phone calls, faxes, and letters from U.S. citizens to the office of:

Presiding Judge – Stephen Czuleger. LA Superior Court Stanley Mosk Courthouse 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 Phone: 213 974 5600 Fax: 213 617 7176 1) Please call, fax, or write Presiding Judge Czuleger. 2) Please leave your name and phone number, and state that you are a U.S. citizen, if applicable, over 18. 3) Please ask that the office of the Presiding Judge inform you when you would be allowed to exercise your First Amendment right to inspect and to copy the Book of Judgments. 4) Please provide us that same information, for a petition: A) You may email your information through this web page, either through the box at upper right of the screen, or through the comments input areas throughout the blog. b) Otherwise, you may also email the same information to <> Before Yom Kippur we will deliver the petition to the office of the Presiding Judge, hoping to have as many U.S. citizens as possible, asking to safeguard their bill of rights. If you have kids in school, please try to ask the teachers to explain the concept to the kids, maybe prepare flyers so that they may take them home. We hope that they convince their parents to demand their FIRST AMENDMENT right. In your email notice please also indicate if you support the request for appointment of a U.S. Special Counsel (see below).

Response to Mr Justice Pioneer.

End Part 1.


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