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July 4, 2008


Calling upon all people of good will…
Within 10 working days after 4th of July 2008 bring Los Angeles County into the fold of the United States and the U.S. Constitution, by:
1) Opening the Books of Courts for public review and oversight, as required by law, and put an end to the racket by the Court. The Books of Courts include, but are not limited to:
  • Books of Judgments
  • Index of All Cases
  • Calendars of the Courts
  • Registers of Actions

2) Stopping operations of Sustain as it is –

The Court’s Case Management System is at the core of the racketeering activity. It must either be fixed, or eliminated.


1) Found an organization of families and victims of racketeering by the Los Angeles Superior Court, and engage in long-term monitoring of the Court, to ensure its integrity.

2) Ensure that integrity of the judiciary and reform of the judiciary is a theme in this upcoming election campagn


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