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July 4, 2008



By Joseph Zernik, of the People of the United States of America and of the People of California. Submitted through the AHRC web site and other services. Litigation records from various courts and other records to substantiate serious allegation below can be found at the AHRC Directory. Same and other records can also be viewed directly on Pacer, the U.S. Courts case management system (2:2008cv01550). Additional records are available in the clerk’s office of Los Angeles Superior Court (SC087400), California Court of Appeal, 2nd District (B203063), and U.S. Court of Appeal, 9th Circuit (08-72714). No scans of pleadings available online for the latter three courts. Additional records can be found under blog site In Pro Per in LA, and at a personal web site of Dr Zernik.
Signed here in the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, 3rd of July, 2008.

Joseph Zernik

Evidence for wide-spread, long-term corruption in the largest County Court in the U.S.A.

The Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) and Mr Pasternak – an Officer of the LASC – who at present is at the center of racketeering activity described below, engaged in frauds in litigation, in taking of real property of Defendant Zernik with no entry of judgment, in fraudulent conveyance of title of said property, and in harassment and Intimidation of a Defendant Zernik – a victim, an informer, and a witness. The conduct of the LASC and Mr Pasternak was and is in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act RICO (18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968).

History: This racket was established in LASC about 25-30 years ago, with the introduction of the then new Case Management System – Sustain, with no public oversight, in violation of the U.S. Rule-Making Enabling Act (28 U.S.C. §§ 2071 – 2077). Concomitantly, the LASC then eliminated the Books of Court as Public Records, in violation of the U.S. Constitution, Amendments 1st, 5th, and 14th. The conduct of the Judges of the LASC at that time, and any Judges of the LASC ever-since was out of compliance with the law.

Relationships with Other Racketeering Enterprises: The conduct of the LASC Racket in this particular case was in tight collaboration with another racketeering enterprise – Countrywide Financial Corporation, including any and all of its affiliates and subsidiaries, jointly and/or severally (Angelo Mozillo, Sandor Samuels, Maria McLaurin, Sanford Shatz, Todd Boock), Pacific Mortgage Consultants (Jae Arre Lloyd, Victor Parks, Nivie Samaan), Mara Escrow (Liz Cohen), and United Title Company, and the law firms of Sheppard Mullin et al (Mohammad Keshavarzi, Paul Malingagio), Buchalter Nemer (Richard Ormond), and Bryan Cave, LLP (John Amberg, Jenna Moldawsky).

Accomplices: Two additional banking institutions acted in ways that assisted the conduct of the racket in this particular case – Union Bank of California, and USC Credit Union. The Office of Los Angeles Registrar/Recorder established standards of care that are compatible with the conduct of such rackets and out of line with plain reason.

California Court of Appeal, 2nd District (CCA2): The CCA2 has taken an identical position to that of the LASC in this case – hiding it Books of Court – Index of All Cases, Calendar of the Court, Registers of Actions. The CCA2 is also insisting on a rushed hearing an appeal on a Judgment with no documentation of its entry, out of compliance with the law and California Rules of Court. The CCA2 also refused to allow Appellant Zernik access to his own litigation records at the LASC in preparing his opening brief. The CCA2 refused to adequately list the parties and attorneys in this case. There are other indications of tight collaboration of the racketeering enterprise in the LASC with the CCA2. Again, the instrument underlying this collaboration is the LASC’s case management system – Sustain. The LASC and the CCA2 are therefore renegade Courts.

U.S. District Court, Los Angeles and Riverside (USDCLA): A related case was filed in the USDCLA on March 5, 2008, when Zernik, Defendant at the LASC, sued the LASC and its judges. With it Zernik filed a request for protection through a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the judges of the LASC. Initially a series of judges of the USDCLA recused themselves. Eventually Judge Virginia Phillips, of U.S. District Court, Riverside, accepted the case. However, her conduct in this case remains questionable. She failed to rule on the case from early March 2008, when Plaintiff Zernik approached the U.S. Courts in an emergency request for protection, until March 21, 2008, when the request became moot, after Judge Terry Friedman of LASC had sufficient time to proceed with his abusive conduct, with no valid authority at all. And then again – Judge Phillips’ March 21, 2008 Minute Order appears complicit with the actions of the racketeering enterprise, and requires further investigation, since it provides evidence that she was aware of certain details of the racket that Plaintiff Zernik himself was not aware of at that time. Judge Phillips referred the case to Magistrate Carla Woehrle in USDCLA. Conduct of Magistrate Woehrle is unequivocally aimed at assisting the racket and preventing its exposure. Her actions focused mostly on attempts to undermine Pacer, the honest Register of Actions of the U.S. Courts, and blocking Defendant Zernik access to the court by setting on him on May 15, 2008, a gag-order prohibiting him from any filing in that court, in violation of the 1st, 5th, and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. At the same time she resisted any requests to compel the LASC, Defendant in the US Court action – to allow Plaintiff Zernik access to his litigation records in the LASC.

Present Conditions in this Case: The evidence is overwhelming that the LASC, including Judges Connor, Goodman, Segal, Rosenberg, Hart-Cole, Collins, and Friedman, with assistance by Officers of the Court Pasternak and O’Brien engaged in racketeering in the taking of Zernik’s property with no valid entry of judgment. The main instrument that facilitated the enterprise of the racket and shows the pattern of racketeering activity is the case management system – Sustain, installed 25-30 years ago. Various features in the design of that program demonstrate that it was created with the intention of running such a racket in the court. Beyond that, the program as it appears today shows clear evidence that integrity of the code was not safeguarded over the years. The LASC and Mr Pasternak continue to act as if there was or is legal foundation to their conduct. At the same time, they continue to hide the Books of Court: Book of Judgments, Index of All Cases, Calendar of the Court, and Registers of Actions. On June 3, 2008 Assistant Presiding Judge McCoy sent a response to Zernik’s request for certifying either the entry of judgment or non-entry of judgment. Judge McCoy refused to provide either!

Demands for Immediate Actions: The LASC and the CCA2, with Mr Pasternak presently at the center of their racketeering conduct, must be immediately stopped by the proper authorities. Failure to do so is abdication of the Rule of Law in Los Angeles County. Mr Pasternak, the LASC, and CCA2 must not take any further action in this matter prior to review and discovery of the Books of Court by the appropriate authorities. In addition, Defendant Zernik and the Public at Large must have access to Books of Court and other records of the LASC and CCA2 that are Public Records, prior to any further action by these two courts in this matter. Until such time these are renegade courts.
The USDCLA and Magistrate Carla Woehrle must also immediately cease any action in the related case until further investigation of conduct of the Magistrate by the appropriate authorities, for collusion in racketeering.


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