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May 14, 2008


May 14, 2008

Hi [redacted]:

I hope that you accept my request below as reasonable under the circumstances. No offense is intended, and I hope that no offence is perceived.

Given the unusual nature of my case, which involved multiple disqualifications of Los Angeles Superior Court judges and multiple recusals of United States District Court judges, I have recently filed requests with the judges that currently involved in my case, to file Statements on the Record pursuant the amended provision (effective January 1, 2008) of California Code of Judicial Ethics.

Canon 3E(2) says:

  • (2) In all trial court proceedings, a judge shall disclose on the record information that is reasonably relevant to the question of disqualification under Code of Civil Procedure section 170.1, even if the judge believes there is no actual basis for disqualification.

I filed such requests with:

a. The Honorable Terry Friedman, Judge

  • Los Angeles Superior Court

b. The Honorable J Mosk, PJ Turner and J Armstrong, Justices

  • Division 5, Second Appellate District, California Court of Appeal

c. The Honorable C Woehrle and V Phillips, Judges

  • United States District Court, Central District of California

Judge Friedman refuses to comply with this request and other provisions of the law pertaining to disqualification, Judges Mosk, Turner, and Armstrong denied my request, and Judges Woehrle and Phillips have not responded yet.

Given your interest in Jewish observance I have modified the request as follows.

I ask that you provide a Statement on the Record (written and hand signed, fax is ok) and disclose information (or lack thereof) that is reasonably relevant to the question of Gnevat ha-Da-at under the Code of Jewish Ethics, relative to our professional relationship, even if you believe that there is no actual basis for concern in this regard.

Joseph Zernik


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