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February 22, 2008


Nature of the Case
Formally – Real Property Rights, a real estate dispute between Samaan and Zernik
In Fact – Countrywide is the dominant entity in this case.
II .
At a Glance
• Total pages filed by Countrywide so far (rough conservative estimate) ~ 3,000
• Total number of different party designations for Countrywide listed below – 12
• Number of judges whose disqualification openly involved Countrywide so far – 4
• Estimated personal annual income of Sandor Samuels – Party in Interest – many millions
• Estimated personal annual income of Angelo Mozilo – Party in Interest – many millions
• Value of the real property in question, or its ownership to Countrywide, Samuels, and/or
Mozilo – None
• Damages to Countrywide from the publication Jan 8, 2008 of one case of filing fraudulentdocuments in court – -Billions
Designations of Countrywide1 in Court Papers
Lacking in Foundation
1. Transcripts
Date _________Judge_________ Designation
Aug 9, 2007_____ Connor__________ Countrywide
Aug 2, 2007 _____Segal___________ Plaintiff
Aug 1, 2007 _____Segal____________Plaintiff
July 23, 2007____ Connor __________Defendant
2. Minute Orders
Date________ _Judge _________Designations
Jan 15, 2008____ Friedman________ None
(Countrywide’s counsel listed as if it were counsel for Defendant Zernik, Countrywide is not mentioned by name)
Dec 4, 2007_____ Segal____________ Intervenor, Defendant, “not
a party”, “a witness”
Nov 14, 2007____ Segal____________ Intervenor
Nov 9, 2007 _____Segal____________ Intervenor
Nov 5, 2007_____ Segal____________ Intervenor
Oct 26, 2007____ Segal ____________Intervenor
Oct 23, 2007____ Segal____________ Intervenor
Oct 17, 2007_____ Segal____________ Intervenor
Oct 11, 2007 _____Segal____________ Intervenor
Oct 10, 2007_____ Segal____________ Intervenor
Aug 09, 2007____ Connor___________ Defendant
July 6, 2007_____ Connor___________ Non-party

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