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February 7, 2008

>Angelo Mozilo
Chairman of the Board, CEO,
Chairman of Internal Audit Committee,

Corporate Responsibility
Countrywide’s Code of Business Ethics

A Message from the CEO

Countrywide’s Code of Business Ethics reflects the company’s existing culture and serves as a guide for our directors, officers and employees in their daily activities. In all of our business practices, we are committed to doing the right thing. As a result, Countrywide has a strong reputation for integrity with its customers, business partners, shareholders and its own employees.

A culture of “corporate” ethics can only be built on a strong foundation of “personal” ethics. For this reason, we expect all of our directors, officers and employees to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects Countrywide’s commitment to acting ethically and in compliance with the law. Every director, officer and employee is held accountable for complying with this Code.

The very nature of our business dictates a high level of respect for the confidentiality and privacy of customer and business partner information. We are also dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of our financial reporting and all other documentation that we prepare. We have strict policies prohibiting activities that conflict with the interests of Countrywide, our shareholders and our ability to provide unsurpassed service to our customers.

As Countrywide takes its place among the foremost diversified financial services providers, we will continue to set the industry standard for excellence and integrity.

Angelo R. Mozilo
Chairman and CEO
Countrywide Financial Corporation


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