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January 13, 2008



Call Bet Tzedek
By Sandor Samuels
BT Board President 2006-2007

Whom do you call if you are elderly and someone is trying to evict you from your apartment or your house?

Whom do you call if you are a holocaust survivor and are being denied your rightful reparations?

Whom do you call if you need to care for an abandoned grandchild or niece or nephew?

Whom do you call if you live in a nursing home and are being denied appropriate care or treatment?

And whom do you call if you are being denied your rightful wages or are being forced to work in substandard conditions?

The answer to these and other legal problems afflicting the poor and the elderly in our community is a resounding BET TZEDEK. I’m proud to be the President of the Board of Directors of such an organization.

I’m especially proud of Bet Tzedek Shabbat, a new outreach campaign that we conducted on March 17th and 18th. On March 17th and 18th, Bet Tzedek’s message was delivered in congregations all across the southland. Rabbis and members of Bet Tzedek’s Board of Directors delivered a drash – a sermon – for Parshat Ki Tisa, the portion containing the thirteen attributes of God. These attributes include compassion, kindness and mercy. The message is simple yet powerful: All who are in need, come and we will try to help.

This is what we do at Bet Tzedek: try to help all who come to us. On Bet Tzedek Shabbat, nearly 10,000 congregants heard our call for more volunteers. And you, too, can be part of Bet Tzedek.

Please display the same attributes of compassion, kindness and mercy by volunteering your time to help further Bet Tzedek’s mission. Read more about our work in this e-newsletter and on our website. Then call Bet Tzedek’s Volunteer Coordinator, Robin Sommerstein, at 323-549-5814 or email her at to get involved.

Thanks to the following synagogues and churches for participating in Bet Tzedek Shabbat:

Adat Ari El
Beth Hillel
Beth Jacob Congregation
Beth Shir Shalom
B’nai Benet (Simi Valley)
B’nai David
B’nai Horim
Leo Baeck Temple
St. Peter’s Italian Church
Sinai Temple
Stephen S. Wise
Temple Adat Elohim
Temple Aliyah
Temple Beth Am
Temple Isaiah
Temple Israel of Hollywood
Temple Judea
University Synagogue


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