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October 5, 2007


It was the email exchange with attorneys for Countrywide John Amberg and Jenna Moldawsky!

That whole episode when they tried to issue a gag order against me was straight out of a communist courtroom.

* It was a special session of the court.
* I was the only case on the agenda, the place was empty.
* I never saw the judge, she was apparently back in her chambers.
* Countrywide complained that I am saying that they colluded in fraud with plaintiff. But on that day they were listed in court papers as plaintiff!
* There was a new clerk, whom I never saw before or after.
* We gave the papers to the clerk.
* The clerk came out maybe half an hour later, and recited without any paper the judge’s decision, or what she claimed was the judge’s decision.. .who knows…
* That decision in and of itself was a masterpiece of subversion of justice.


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