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October 4, 2007

>Once Judge Connor was disqualified, my case was
transferred (to be distinguished from re-assigned
in compliance with due process of the law) to
Judge Goodman, Dept H, West District.
I had a total of two short hearings (I estimate each
at about 15 min) with Judge Goodman, but the
overall impression was same or worse than with
Judge Connor. I wobbled for a week, and finally
this morning went to court to disqualify Judge
The opening page of the verified statement read:
“3) I am serving this filing for immediate
disqualification with saddened heart, out of respect
for the Judiciary, and out of concern for the
Preceding that it read:
” Judge Goodman: I hold and believe that after the
short time you acted as Presiding Judge in Samaan
v Zernik (without the appropriate documentation
of your authority, if any), it is clear that it would be
in the best interest of the furtherance of Justice, of
the dignity of the Judiciary, and of the respect of
the Law, that you would be recused or
What will happen in the next episode? Will there
be a cameo appearance by Sandor Samuels…
maybe not…


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